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Jonesboro Social Security Disability Lawyer

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At Angel Disability Law, I can assist you on all aspects of Social Security disability from establishing your eligibility on through to getting your claim filed . I have been in practice since 1989 and am a member of the National Organization of the Social Security Claimants. As such, I am fully prepared to resolve your Social Security issues whether it is appealing a denial of benefits, determining long term disability, finding out what Social Security Administration program is right for you and many others. 

Some people wonder why they should use a Jonesboro Social Security disability lawyer at all if they can apply for benefits on line. While it is true that you can file your own application, it is also a fact that up to 75% of first-time claims get denied. It is vital that you know all of the requirements for eligibility, what evidence will be required and how it should be presented, in order to have a successful claim.

Social Security Disability Lawyer in Jonesboro


There is a 5-month waiting period until your first Social Security benefits will be paid. If you claim has been denied and is appealed, the length of time until you start receiving benefits can be considerable. It is vital, therefore, that work begin on your case as soon as possible. On a denied claim, there is a 60 day period in which an appeal can be filed. There are 4 levels which an appeal can go through and I can be at your side, each step of the way, with the goal of succeeding and obtaining the benefits you require.

When needed, I am also ready to take the final step of preparing and filing a lawsuit on your behalf to seek a favorable outcome in your case. The solution I prefer, however, is to get a proper claim made in the first place to obtain your benefits more quickly.

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Get the knowledgeable help you need when pursuing Social Security by contacting Arkansas Social Security Disability Lawyer Mollie Angel.